Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Miss Bamboo New Website

Miss Bamboo is so happy to announce the opening of her new online store.
In her new blog she will update you on any information relating to her store as well an account of all her latest adventures! Her new store can be seen at

Hope you too will love Miss Bamboo! x


  1. Well done Miss Bamboo! Your memoirs and tales of glamour have been long awaited by us lovers of yesteryear style. Keep us posted!!

  2. Hello Mandie Minx, Miss Bamboo is pleased to welcome you as her very first blog follower, thankyou x

  3. your blog looks great and I think we may have mutual friends, I live between Southport and Livepoool and travel to dances in Preston, Manchester and beyond.

  4. Hi Tallulah May, welcome to The Adventures of Miss Bamboo I expect we have been to the same dances, come and say hello if you see me! I will be running a stall at the Friends of the 40s Christmas retro fayre in Bury this month if you can make it.

  5. Hi Miss Bamboo, I'm looking to create a vintage glamour look for a Christmas party I'll be attending, I have the dress and stockings etc but haven't a clue how to get the hair right. Can you give me any hints on how to turn my black shoulder length bob into a 40's/50's do? x

  6. Hi Sandra, if you have a fringe you could give it a defined roll at the front with 2 rolls at the side, you could then curl the rest of your bob with a curling tonge and dress your 'do'with a nice flower barrette. Alternatively if you have time, put in flexi curlers all over and set with a mousse and heat, curl the fringe and pin one side of your hair behind your ear, a bit more 50s.
    There are lots of good instructive videos on You tube which might help if you tap in 1940s/50s hair do or victory rolls etc.
    Hope that helps, have a lovely party, Miss Bamboo x