Wednesday 28 December 2011

Miss Bamboo is now on twitter

Miss Bamboo is always a 40s/50s girl at heart but even she has conceded to the pull of the 21st century and is now on twitter!!/miss_bamboo

                               Starring  Miss Bamboo in 'The Curse of the 21st Century part 3'
         ... first she met Facebook, then she overcame the Blackberry, now she must tweet.......

Sunday 18 December 2011

1940s Fashion

I adore glamorous 1940s fashion. I admire how British women of the period managed to create glamour out of osterity. However, I have always preferred the  American influence and  in particular 1940s Hawaiian and Pacific Wear. Popularity in these designs grew after WW2 with the development of travel and tourism allowing access to more 'exotic' overseas locations, also represented on screen during the period. Who wouldnt fall in love with  the Pacific romance of  'From Here to Eternity'. The 'Road to....' series with Dorothy Lamour also glamourised Pacific adventures and romance with travels to a variety of exotic locations.

                               Dorothy Lamour in one of her Pacific adventures........

                                   Servicemen in Hawaii taking a well earned break with girls in
                                       cute puff sleeved  tropical floral tea dresses

                                   Elvis In Blue Hawaii, the film was made later but represented
                                                              tropical fun post army!

Miss Bamboo brings you an array of gorgeous tropical and exotic dreses made from the original vintage 40s patterns from top US company Trashy Diva, along with select vintage pieces.  Miss Bamboo's handpicked  collection of tropical and latino shoes complete the look along with her matching hair flowers and bamboo parasols.

                                                      reproduction 1940s tea dress

                                                         vintage 1940s tea dress
                                                                 available at

Saturday 12 November 2011


Miss Bamboo is the exclusive UK online provider of Sun Surf 1940s and 50s Hawaiian Shirts.

The Hawaiian aloha shirts from the 1930’s,1940s and 50’s have become part of Pacific and the Islands folklore. They were made from the 1920’s but became popular with US Service Personnel during WW11 when they visited the islands for rest and recreation. After the war, the Hawaiian shirt continued to gain popularity as a result of service personnel taking them home and wearing them in an attempt to recreate that magical island feel. What girl does not like to run her hand along genuine 40’s rayon!
click here for Miss Bamboo's Sun Surf Collection

It was in ‘From Here to Eternity’, the award winning film about pre-war army life in Hawaii that really popularised the shirt across the USA and Europe.


Tuesday 25 October 2011

Miss Bamboo New Website

Miss Bamboo is so happy to announce the opening of her new online store.
In her new blog she will update you on any information relating to her store as well an account of all her latest adventures! Her new store can be seen at

Hope you too will love Miss Bamboo! x