Sunday 4 November 2012

Fun, Fear and Fabulous Finds at the Fleamarket - Rosebowl that is!

Miss Bamboo's recent trip to the States took her to the Rosebowl Fleamarket in Pasadena, California. Featuring over 2,500 vendors and 15,000 to 20,000 buyers every Month. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is one of the most famous and largest markets in the world.

Armed with sandwiches, water, sun parasol and trolley in the form of our empty hand luggage, Miss Bamboo and Big Bamboo set off  with hopeful anticipation in the Pasadena sun. What would we find, visions of fabulous 40s hawaiian 2 pieces, glamorous 50s dresses, mid century homewares filled my mind. 

Tackling the market was like a military operation, where to start? Lovely Holly of Temperamental Broad gave us good advice in terms of taking sunscreen and water and we followed her instructions of 'keeping left'. Incidentally you must check out Holly's blog which is one of Miss Bamboo's favourites

Heading for the  left did indeed do the trick and after 5 hours we left with some fabulous finds. Not before Miss Bamboo got lost however! She only left Big to go down one aisle and meet him at the other side but where on earth was he. Last seen stood by a 50s mexican (overpriced) skirt, where ever did that skirt get to. Have you ever had that creeping feeling of terror. Poor Miss Bamboo felt like handing herself in like some lost child. Every stall ended up looking the same (there were 1000's dont forget!!!). After some frantic running around, (not a glamorous scenario), Miss Bamboo eventually found him by the said 50s Mexican skirt. What a relief, as she had been travelling light, no mobile, no emergency supplies! Big had also been frantic and thought Miss Bamboo had got waylaid by some amazing dress, if only!!

You could never hope to get round the Rosebowl in day but Miss Bamboo on a mission managed to cover some pretty good ground that day!

I would say overall the clothing was disappointing as there was an abundance of 60s-80s.However we got some great bits and pieces including some initial purchases from a $1 box, some vintage mexican earrings, a 50s brooch and cherries millinery trim.

Here are some of our best -

Gorgeous lucite  purse in immaculate condition for only $70 (about £44) which i later wore at  the Royal Hawaiian hotel in Honolulu....

Cute 50s picnic set in its orignal box and complete. $20 or £12.50 We are looking at 50s trailers and caravans at the moment and this will be just the ticket...

Tiki mugs, set of 3. $10 each  (£6.25). They would be double this cost or more in the UK.

Tiki coffee mugs set of 4 $25 (approx £15) and 1950s melamine and rattan mugs set of 3 $10 (approx £6) (we later managed to get 2 more at another market.) Great for the anticipated caravan!

                       Hawaiian shirt (An Original Avanti) for Big Bamboo $30 (£18.75)

If ever you're in California you really must experience the Rosebowl. Commitment and dedication really will lead to some great finds! All in all a successful shopping day, we met some lovely people from the 40s and rockin' scene too who imparted further information on vintage shopping opportunities....Orange County vintage quarter here we come.......!