Tuesday 13 October 2015

Miss Bamboo and The Real Housewives of Cheshire

Miss Bamboo loves an adventure and this was a little more unusual than normal, working as Stylist for the TV show 'Real Housewives of Cheshire'  during the summer.

Model and 'footballers wife' Tanya Bardsley, one of the key characters in the show, decides to do a Charity Calendar with a '50s theme' and invites old modelling pal Strutters along for a days filming and test shoot.
Tanya Bardsley- Model and star of The Real Houswives of Cheshire

 Tanya and Strutters were lovely to work with and while these thoroughly modern ladies are used to contemporary style, it was great to give them this 'taster' of vintage style glamour.

 Outfit 1 - Trashy Diva's Honey Dress and Lena Dress in Coral both available in Americana section at www.missbamboo.co.uk, vintage hat and purse from Miss Bamboo's own collection, (shoes Model's own, preferring to keep their modern high heels for a 'sexier' feel!)
Lena Dress in Coral

Honey Dress in Jade Watercolour
On to the second outfit and a vintage nautical look....

Outfit 2 - Pencil dress and flared bow dress by Tatyana.  Vintage 1950s purses from Miss Bamboo's own collection. Bamboo parasols from Miss Bamboo.  Shoes models own.
Pencil dress now out of stock but get the look with the  'Deep Water Dress' also at www.missbamboo.co.uk
Deep Water Dress

The outfits were perhaps not what the girls had expected, no polka dots and petticoats here(!!) but they actually really liked the looks that were put together, showing  in their own inimitable way how vintage and modern can marry for a fabulous look.

Miss Bamboo with Tanya and Strutters, was lovely to meet you!

Series 2 episode 6 was aired on 12th Oct 2015 on ITV Be and has a variety of other showings....