Monday 21 October 2013

UK TIKI FEST (MANCHESTER) - Its all about the rum!

Miss Bamboo just adores Tiki style and culture so what better than a Tiki Festival in her own home  town  Manchester. Miss and Big Bamboo hooked up with  tiki pals Carla aka pin up model  Coco Lopes  and Martin  McTiki of Atomic Coconut  for some mad nights of rum fun. Atomic Coconut designed a fantastic limited edition tiki mug 'Mr Moai Tai' especially for the event.

Our first adventure took us to Hula Bar in Manchester for a Diplomatico tasting. A great talk was given by 'Skippy' and we even got to taste the elusive 'Single Reserve' that is not yet available for retail purchase - result!                                        

Our next port of call was  Revolucion de Cuba for a Mount Gay promotion including steel drum band and limbo dancing. Miss Bamboo was pleased to show off her limbo 'prowess'!? The Diplomatico rum, of previous, clearly helping, along with the Mount Gay rewards!!!!

Hmmm, not the most glamorous but definitely good fun!

Finally on to our very own home from home, The Liars Club for their 2nd Birthday celebrations and 'Appleton Rum' promotion.

Miss Bamboo and Coco Lopes, start the night with a sophisticated Diplomatico.....
....however, many rums later !!!

After a few recovery days it was time for the final closing party at The Liars Club, this time the old faithful favourite 'Sailor Jerry' was on the menu.
Ukulele harmony trio Miss Bamboo and the Coconuts with Big Bamboo...

...and  Martin McTiki and Miami Rob 
The highlight of the night was the Sailor Jerry Punch Competition. Entrants had to be bartenders and the guys who enter these comps are serious rum fanatics. The 4 entrants were Captain Lyndon, the main man behind the UK Tiki Fest, Rick and Gav of The Liars Club and Rob Burr, Miami Rum Fest organiser and  author of the Rum Guide. Everyone got to taste the 4 rum punches and vote for their favourite.

Votes are counted, has Miami Rob done it this time....
...ahh bad luck Rob who came so close, the winner is Gav with his...
...absinthe and spices concoction with flaming pirate ship fruit garnish. 

Big well done to Gav... until the next battle of the Miami and Manchester rum guys!!

Miss Bamboo's famous tiki box bag available at with or without fruit garnish!
So there ends the UK Tiki Fest in Manchester but Miss Bamboo's more 'local' adventures will continue this week with the Manchester Vintage Awards. Can Miss Bamboo pull it out of the (tiki) bag and win best vintage attire and blog, we shall see......!


  1. I'm so annoyed I couldn't get to any of the Tikifest stuff! I'm just down the road in Liverpool but was busy working at Aloha! Looks like an absolutely fabulous time!

  2. ahh, thats a shame you couldnt make it Roxie, must check out Aloha some time!