Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Adventures of Miss Bamboo and Coco Lopes....At Hemsby 50!

Miss Bamboo and Coco Lopes headed off to Hemsby Rock 'n' Roll Weekend for a few days of fun and frolics....

But first some hard work to be done....

                                           grrr....Coco's not just a pretty face you know!

                                                            see y'all there!

You should all know by now that things never go smoothly when Miss Bamboo is involved and the two girls found themselves in a chalet surrounded by Ants.

Ok so the picture shows one pesky ant but honestly there were hundreds over the weekend!! Maintenance never did arrive so we kept some as pets instead - we were particularly fond of Maria, Conchita and Conseula and they were particularly fond of our cocktail residue.

                              Outside La Hemsby Casa de Miss Bamboo and Coco Lopes

                                       Miss Bamboo's stall is complete and we're good to go....

         Its only everybody's favourite pin up  Bernie Dexter shopping at Miss Bamboo :-)

So the stall is up and running and its time for The Hemsby and Outerlimitz Pin Up ContestCoco Lopes is of course representing Miss Bamboo.

Behind the scenes....
                                                      what a gorgeous bunch of gals....

      Doesnt Coco look amazing, thanks to Pyramid Clicks for the professional piccy too! Watch this space for this lovely playsuit at Miss Bamboo, Coco also wears her 50s style bow sandals from Miss Bamboo, available in red, white or black.

Round two and its on to 'pick a prop', Senorita Lopes gets 'a present'!.....
                                .....and makes off with it pronto!!! Well every pin up loves a pressy!

Quick change for the final parade in evening wear......

   All gorgeous and such a lovely group of girls, the final winners are Bambi La Roux, Little Gem and Lisa Marie Pengelly, well done to you all xx

                             .....and its all over! Coco wore Miss Bamboo's 'Waikiki Nights' sarong

And finally Miss Bamboo and Coco Lopes get back to doing what they do best - why drinking cocktails of course....
                               ......we even saved a sip for Maria, Conchita and Consuela ;-)


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  2. What a great blog! Coco really did look amazing. She was a clear winner in my eyes. Keep up the good work girls!

  3. All the pictures of vintagegirls in their outfits makes me so happy :)